Emma Watson, the Fashionable Activist

*All photos were taken from the internet.EmmaWatson

Has anyone been following Emma Watson lately? If you have, you probably know by now that she has become a respected activist for women´s rights (see the #HeForShe campaign). Because of that, she already had my attention, but yesterday she got my complete admiration.

In 2015, Emma Watson made the decision to only wear sustainable fashion in every red carpet she went to. Honoring her own choice, she attended the Costume Institute Gala (a.k.a MET GALA) in New York, one of the most important fashion events of the year, in a custom-made Calvin Klein dress almost fully made from a material made from recycled plastic bottles.


For normal people like us, wearing this kind of sustainable clothes may seem like a difficult task to achieve, (you know, we don’t have a Calvin Klein team of professionals working exclusively on creating our sustainable outfit for our next family dinner) but this is where I find Emma Watson fascinating: She explained that the general public can participate in sustainable fashion by committing to use every apparel piece we own at least thirty times, without underestimating the fact that first and foremost, we have to feel good with ourselves. And she wants to lead by example. Watson´s MET GALA dress is also very versatile, and she plans to use it again. (Watch this video to hear her explain how to Derek Blasberg from CNN).


Besides protecting the environment, which would be the first reason to use recycled fabric, Watson explains that this is also a feminist issue, considering that most of the under-paid workers that make the clothes we wear are women.

So, how many times do you girls plan to wear the last thing you bought?

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