My Trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Hey guys,

So… I was back again in one of Mexico´s so-called Magic Towns. I had wanted to go to San Miguel de Allende for a while now, so this trip was particularly exciting for me.


There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in San Miguel de Allende, such as flying on an aerostatic globes (if you want to wake up at 5:00AM) and doing zip-line, but my boyfriend and I wanted to spend a more relaxing time, so we basically didn’t do nothing more than walking around town, eating at the delicious restaurants there are, and hanging out in the awesome terrace of the Rosewood hotel, which has a complete rooftop view of this little beautiful town.


My boyfriend and I were in awe by the fact that there can be such a peaceful and calm place so, so close to the chaos of Mexico City; it is just less than four hours away!


Different from the many other Mexican towns that I have visited, San Miguel de Allende is not full of bright colors walls, yet, it is still very colorful.


Colors in the walls in San Miguel de Allende are all of those that you guys can imagine within the brown palette, which looked beautiful too – and then some others.



So I am really going to make this short and just say, go! Weather you are an outdoors or calm person, San Miguel de Allende is a great option to spend a couple of days. And even if you are just a food person, this town is also a great option. Since it is full of foreigners – according to some locals close to 50% of the populations are foreigners – visitors can find dishes from many different countries… Italian, French, Argentinian, Lebanese, and of course, Mexican. But wherever you go, please stop by the San Agustín restaurant to have some hot chocolate with churros… yum! They are soooo good!


As for where to stay, there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Rates varied. We chose to stay at a little cute boutique close called Casa Florida, which was close to the main plaza of San Miguel… I recommend it!



So, there you go… I hope you guys find this post useful when planning your trip to San Miguel de Allende.

Pink dress: Mango / Tennis: Stan Smith – Adidas / Purse: Bimba y Lola

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