My Go-To Burger Place in Polanco, Mexico City

Found it!! Yes, found it! My go-to burger place in Polanco.


Since arriving in Mexico City, I have been missing burgers like crazy. Yes, because when I was in Bogotá I used to go to this famous burger place, El Corral, at least once a week for my weekly dose of burger and French fries. The cashier lady already recognized me and always knew what I would order.

Well, I wanted to find that same lunch/dining experience here en Mexico. I went to different burger places, but none of them really quite feel like home to me, until I visited Partners and Brothers.


In the trendiest location in Polanco, it first caught my eye for its wide-open terrace and live modern music that could be heard from outside. So my boyfriend and I decided to give it a try. At the door, a hostess with a kind smile greeted us. She took into this rustic nice place and seated us in a table full of details.


Immediately an even kinder waiter came along and showed us and walked us through a menu full of options… yes, because to my surprise, even though this place calls itself a burger lab, it also offers chicken wings, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, healthy burgers, and different kinds of drinks. So pretty much it has an option for any taste.


I ordered a regular burger. It tasted a bit different from what I am used to, and when I say ¨different¨, I mean it as in ¨good¨ different. The chef explained to me that what makes their burgers special is that each element used in the making of a burger is made by them or their suppliers from scratch using their very own recipe, in addition to the fact that their meat is cooked in a Peruvian cylinder (read that as ¨oven¨), which gives it a very particular flavor.


Well, I also had the salty delicious French fries, which, along with a milkshake, are my greatest weakness. BTW, the best vanilla milkshake that I have tried in the city I found it right here in Partners and Brothers.


They have different flavors, but I am old school and always go for vanilla. My boyfriend ordered a different one though, he had the Jack Daniels and vanilla milkshake… sooo good too!


After that first experience, we have gone back and we are always greeted with a big smile and pleasure from the staff, that always make sure that we are very well taken care of.

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