We are all humans

I know, I know… You may be wondering what this section is about. Its name does not match with the overall idea of the blog, right? Well, this is the thing: despite all the difficulties and downs that I have had in my life, I consider myself blessed and I am thankful everyday for how privileged I have been.

I still want more, I have greater dreams that I want to pursue, but I try to be very mindful with how the world works and try to remember that there are millions of people that are not as privileged as I am. So this section is about them… this section is for me, and the people who visit this blog, to not forget that there are people in need and that, one way or another, we all can help.

fronteras en tu mente

¨Borders are in your mind¨ – Photo: by me

I understand that there are people that don´t like to know about sad situations – I used to be one of them. But i believe that our responsibility to help those in need is of greater importance than how uncomfortable we may feel.

I invite us all to read this section just for our ¨situational awareness¨, and who knows… maybe it can inspire us to do greater things to help! 🙂


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