Fashion is an Important Matter


The Devil Wears Prada – ¨The Blue Sweater¨ scene.

Secretly, I have always been interested and curious about fashion. However, I have always pretended to think that fashion was too light of a topic and that I should focus on more serious and ¨important¨ matters. Well, during the last couple of months I have had plenty of free time (I´ll tell you why further on) to think about my life and the things that are important for me, and one of the things that surfaced from within me was my love for fashion and style.

After trying to come at peace with this ¨personal discovery¨, I realized two important aspects of the world of fashion: 1. Fashion is not an empty business. It is actually a huge one, which employs millions of people and of which the same estimates of families make a living. 2. If it is a source of motivation for me, then I should not avoid it. I should embrace it and enjoy it. And that is what I intend to do!

I am not a designer or a model and have no experience whatsoever in the world of fashion, so everything that I may post about fashion from now on would be self-taught and instinct-driven.

I hope you guys enjoy it!





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