Healthy Living… Why? How?

Hey guys! So today I was in the gym, on the treadmill to be precise, and I was thinking that how is it possible that most of us are still not fully committed to keeping healthy habits such as a balanced diet and regular exercise, considering how easy it is to do so nowadays, and specially, how important it is for our health.

In my case, I have always liked to workout, but I have always been a little bit lazy too, so even though there were times in which I worked out everyday, there were others in which I would not step out of my bed. The last two years were part of the latter, and of course, it had consequences on my appearance and health.

A couple of months ago I went to the doctor for a regular checkout and you cannot imagine my surprise when my doctor told me that I was overweighed by 3kgs and that after some tests I found out that my cholesterol had skyrocketed. At that moment, I realized that I HAD to do something and stop playing with my body. And so I did.


Breakfast – Oats with unsweetened cocoa powder, strawberries, blueberries, and a sparkle of chia seeds.

I have started by two important changes: First, I started avoiding sugar and sweets– this is the hardest thing to do because my greatest weakness is a milkshake – And second, I started exercising everyday.

Tech has been a huge, HUGE, help for me. In these days creative, healthy, and delicious recipes are just a pin away from our kitchen – thanks Pinterest! -, and personal trainers are no longer the only option to help us with exercise routines… we can just download an app. So that is what I did. (I traveled all the time for work, so signing up for a gym did not worked for me). I am currently training with Nike+Running and with the awesome Sweat with Kayla, by Kayla Itsines. Both apps are great to know what to do, keep track of your progress, and most importantly, to keep the motivation up!

So, there you have it guys! That was my road and those are my tips to start having a healthier life. I hope it inspires you somehow.

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