Tulum, A Hidden Paradise

Everyone has heard about the Riviera Maya, but it is safe to say that not everyone has heard about its greatest secret yet, Tulum. After visiting Tulum with my boyfriend and friends, the best way for me to describe it is as a hidden paradise – although, sadly it would not be so for long.


Tulum is a collection of hotels and villas along a virgin white beach with light blue and green water. It has a hotel offer for every taste and budget. There are great boutique hotels, eco-friendly hotels, and the so-called ¨posadas¨. When I was there, I stayed at an eco-friendly one, called ¨Nueva Vida de Ramiro¨.


The experience was – I don’t want to say ¨great¨ as the word won´t do it any justice – amazingly peaceful. Although we had almost no electricity, we did have WiFi, but we really didn’t need it. Being in a place as beautiful as that is a great excuse to unplug yourself from the world for a few days. Everybody needs a little time away, don´t we?

We also visited the Tulum ruins, which are not the first ruins that I have visited, but there was something about them that inspired so much respect: how the locals take care and cherish their cultural heritage. (Don´t believe me? Ask Justin Bieber!) The Tulum ruins are clean and very well kept and the campus is so well organized so visitors can make the best of their visit.


As the cherry to the ice cream, there was the awesome food that we had. I had low expectations about the food, but how wrong I was! Everything that we had had a delicious kind of homemade Mexican flavor that I personally love.

I was in Tulum only for a weekend, but I certainly plan to go back.

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